Friday, April 29, 2011

Same old, same old. And I mean that in the best possible way...

Nope, I don't update too frequently. Very busy with work and life. Plus, really... all is well. How exciting is that? Our son turned five in early April and will be starting Kindergarten in September. He's bright and precocious, although can be lazy. It still drives me crazy that he doesn't do what I ask him to WHEN I ask him to do it. I'm not sure if that's an age thing, a boy thing, an Aries thing, or all combined...but he's a good boy. He's very healthy, for which we are exceedingly grateful every day.

Finally, after nearly TWO YEARS he's back to a better sleeping routine! We can now put him to bed in his bed, awake and say good night. He has returned to sleeping through the night. When he does wake up, usually for some water, he'll go back to bed without much ado. What sheer bliss! Wow, that's nice. :)

Life is a constant adjustment, as Bee grows and develops from a toddler to preschooler, from a baby to little boy to big boy. He's long and lean, so his pants often wind up short long before he outgrows the waistband. He's funny and all boy - he loves his action figures, super heroes and sports. He's good with girls, though and usually gentle with them, although sometimes he needs reminding. He's fascinated by the body. He was assigned to represent the letter "S" in his Nursery School Parade. We thought, surely he'll be Superman - he has a big red "S" on his chest! (And we have a Superman costume rather handy). However, Bee chose to be a skeleton instead. He has skeleton pajamas, but, since his dad and I work with bones and anatomy a great deal in our line of work, we didn't want him to feel he had to choose this. We suggested other options - spider, Spider-man, sun, Superman... No, he really wanted to be a skeleton! He also pointed out some "s" bones - skull, scapula, scaphoid, sacrum. Okay, yes, technically the skull is comprised up of many bones, but it sufficed for Nursery School. All went well ans I actually remembered to record it on video.

We get to see our extended family once a year at Christmastime. Bee has a cousin who is now 19 months! We stay connected on the FB, and need to S*kype more often, but we all do what we can with our schedules. My cousin who donated her eggs to get Bee here is well. She graduated and is now a practitioner in her field, owning her own home and paying off her student loans. She was kind enough to call and wish Bee a happy birthday, and we did the same on her day (they're both born in the same month). We wonder at which age it would be best to tell him the story of how he got here. He's seen the ultrasound pictures, from the two transferred embryos to right before he was born and he's fascinated. We want to disclose at a good stage of his emotional development, not too early that he can't understand it, but not too old that he'll wonder why we waited so long. If anyone has some suggestions, I'd be grateful. I don't think anyone actually reads this anymore, but I'm throwing it out there!

Be well, everyone and Happy Spring. May you all find your happiness in life.