Friday, February 10, 2017

Crusing Right Aong for the Past 6 Years...

 Wow! Well, we have been busy.

Bee is in the home stretch of 5th grade, doing well, enjoying school, kind and great with little kids. He's been very happy and healthy, with a developing artistic talent and love of Manga. Mr. Right's suggestion to introduce Bee to comic books was brilliant, and he is an avid reader. And this was a kid who used to cry during his reading assignments in first grade. While most of what he reads are graphic novels, he also picks up more advanced books that spark his interest. He has good friends at school and home. He has a few girls who like him, and he likes them, but he doesn't know who he likes best. He prefers the girls who are nicest, not just the ones who are pretty. He's an awesome kid with a great sense of humor and I feel blessed every day that he is in our lives. He's not in any sports, but he's looking forward to joining something once he's in 6th grade.

My in-laws are doing well, and my FIL picks up our son at school every day, gives him a snack and helps him with his homework. We are very grateful for all they do! Sometimes they butt heads (the hormones have already started), but we talk them through it to resolve their issues. Bee always talks to us about whatever is bothering him, although sometimes it does take time for him to get into the swing of things.

Professionally, we've been busy and steady, so that's great. Bee will stay with his grandparents if we are under the crunch meeting our deadlines, and he's usually pretty happy there. He has his own room and play area, so that works out nicely.

My cousin's children are my Bee's cousins, for which we are very grateful. There are now five cousins, ranging in age from 7 to 2. My cousin who donated her eggs to us has since gone on to have twin boys herself, who are two and a half now. She is a wonderful mom, and our son was a tremendous help in watching the boys and his other younger cousins this year at Christmas. We still haven't told him, but we look forward to it. Like everything else, and all of his other questions, we know the right time will present itself.

I know this is just a brief update, but I wanted to let people know that we're still here, all is well, and I give thanks everyday. I hope you all are happy, healthy and whole.


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