Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Brought to You by the Letter B

We interrupt the navel gazing/mummy whining for this news flash:

Bee said his first big word last night: broccoli.

Granted, he pronounced it: dock-a-dee, but we had just said broccoli to him, so we knew what he meant.

Broccoli joins the list of cat, car, hot, go, mama, dada, pa pa, bee, pea, nyeh, bebe (baby), and mimi (we don't know either). And he makes piggie noises for all animals. Not the oink oink kind, actual snorting piggie noises, because we're going for authenticity here. What's funny is that he squeals sometimes, and he sounds exactly like a guinea pig. So we call him that, too.

His 15 month check up yesterday reveled that the Bee weighs 22.2 pounds and measures 31 inches long. He's doing well, walking all over (including mastering walking while drinking from his sippy cup), and mingling at our playgroup. Tomorrow we all get to partake of a picnic with the playgroup families (I'm bringing frut salad. Someone professional is doing fireworks! Whoo-hoo!), so we're really looking forward to that. Especially since it doesn't start until 4:30 pm, so Mr. Right can get in a nearly full day of work. I'll be with the Bee for the next 5 days starting tomorrow, so I'm completely psyched about that. (Ooooooh, please let him nap well...)

Right at this moment I'm listening to the film score for Willo*w by James H*orner, and all I can think is that he puts a particular bar of music in just about EVERY score he writes. This is a private joke between Mr. Right and I. We hear it and point it out: there it is! And we laugh. People look at us as though we are very, very silly. Especially when we wnt to see A Beau*tiful Mind with friends... During the opening credits, I rolled my eyes and whispered to Mr Right: "I can't believe it! It's the same score as Bicentenni*al Man!" They really are very similar. Just a little something for all the film score junk*ies out there (I know, there are so many).

So! That wraps up this brief installment. Up next: Bee and I went for a visit with my mom for a few days. Will update soon!