Thursday, September 13, 2007

Anyone Need Some Formula?

In the midst of physical cleaning, I was holding onto some Enfa*mil L*ipil formula, but I realize now I will never use it before it expires (powder unopened expires July '08 and I've got an 8 oz can that expires 10/10/07). Plus, I've got an unopened sample box of the next step formula, from 9-24 mos. The Bee is well on his way, enjoying whole milk and I'd hate to see it go to waste.

Could anyone use this? Leave a comment or e-mail me at right.v.easy at gmail dot com. I'd love to help someone out!


At 9/13/2007 4:58 PM, Blogger DD said...

If you don't have any takers, you might want to see if the women's/children's shelters would accept it. Otherwise you can check with your obstetrician.

At 9/13/2007 5:11 PM, Blogger Anna said...

I'll check into the shelters in my area, but I thought I'd check with our nice online community first. :)


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