Monday, February 27, 2006

Damn Your Nose! (Too Late)

Was thrilled to get an appointment with an ENT today to have the extensive packing removed from my nose. This was a very good thing, although my left nostril felt a bit raw. The kind doctor proceeded to put more stuff up my nose (numbing agent in anticipation of a fiber optic scope). When he removed that, there was a little fresh blood on the tip. The scope revealed a broken blood vessel on the inferior aspect of my left lower turbinate. And by the way? To say having a scope shoved up my nostril was unpleasant is like saying a compound fracture is uncomfortable. Once the scope was removed, he then proceeded to cauterize the blood vessel in question. Again, this was more pain than I had anticipated. My Lamaze classes are going to need a lot more practice. (I smell epidural....)

I don't know if any of you have ever had a silver nitrate applicator applied to any part of your body, but it's fairly painful. Having it inside a nostril, which is an incredibly sensitive area, was terribly painful. I was kinda hoping the marshmallow packing stuff being removed would be a relief, but the whole cauterization thing was far more intense. This was done at about 1 pm. It's now about 3:15 p.m. EST, and the pain felt like it was diminishing, but I'm wrong - it still hurts like a bitch.

Also saw the OB today. He felt bad that I had such a crappy weekend (really, it could have been worse). My uterus is measuring a wee bit on the small side, but I'm already being monitored via ultrasound and that's all normal, so my OB isn't too worried. He still wants to see me back next week, just to stay on top of my blood pressure. Today it was 136/78. The bottom number is fine, but the top is a little high for me. Thankfully it's down from my time in the ER.

I'm exhausted after a crappy night's sleep due to spontaneous nasal stuffiness (now I can breathe! Now I can't!) and Mr. Right jumping out of bed at 5:20 a.m., ticked off after not having slept a wink (poor guy). All my urgent work is done today, so I'm going to take a nap. I'll do more when I wake up.

And the bean? He's jumping, all right. That's my boy! A kicky, squirmy, little muffin. He's 34 weeks today. Just stay in there another 6 weeks, growing big and strong. Please, just stay another 6 weeks, and let everything be okay.


At 2/27/2006 7:03 PM, Anonymous mm said...

Owww! My nose hurts just thinking about what you went through today. You certainly deserve a nap (and some chocolate and new shoes)! My fingers are crossed that the next 6 wks will be far more uneventful.

At 2/27/2006 8:13 PM, Anonymous Tessy said...

Wow! Sorry about the nose...

I'm glad your OB appointment went well and your BP is looking better. I was a bit concerned with your reading at the ER, but I'm hypersensitive to that since I've got the PIH and notching too.

Hopefully these 6 weeks will fly by uneventfully...or at least 3 weeks as you're technically full term at 37 weeks!

At 3/01/2006 11:58 AM, Blogger Pamplemousse said...

Anna, sorry to hear about your nose trials. Lets hope it is plain sailing now for the next 6 weeks.

At 3/03/2006 8:11 PM, Blogger cat said...

May that nose heal quickly. Hope the kicker stays put for awhile longer.

At 3/06/2006 1:04 PM, Anonymous thalia said...

Ugh. I had my nose cauterised when I was 15 and they did it under general anaesthetic! I can't imagine how painful it must be!

I hope it's worn off by now and that Ben is enjoying his 35th week in utero.

At 3/06/2006 2:21 PM, Blogger NME said...

GOD! Your poor nose. That sounds awful. Your due date is SO soon. You must be very excited. And I hope you are getting lots of sleep. And more sleep. And then sleeping some more. You need to save up for the next couple of months - or in my case the next 16 months and counting.


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