Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My God... It's Full OF Stars...

Bee has gotten so cheeky lately. While feeding himself, he'll look right at me and smile broadly as he holds a piece of food over the floor. "No!" I say, trying to look firm and authoratative. "Food does not go on the floor. It goes in your mouth, or on the tray, but NOT ON THE FLOOR." Continuing to grin impishly, he drops the food on the floor, and then wiggles in mischevious glee. He does this whenever he's doing something he knows he's not supposed to, like going into the living room without mommy or daddy, or touching the remotes, or dropping books into the bath tub. Or dropping anything inappripriate into the toilet. We do stop him from actually doing these thing, but he's really funny and incredibly adorable, especially when he's trying to get away with something.

On a groundbreaking note, Bee has started going to bed without crying. He started April 1st, and did so every other day for a week. Now it seems to be the norm, for now. We read him his bedtime story, say our little goodnight things while he stands up at his crib railing, sucking his thumb and looking at us happily. It's a really nice turn of events and all three of us are enjoying it.


At 4/18/2007 1:17 PM, Blogger Thalia said...

Wow, amazing to think he's already been here for a year! The photos aren't loading for me, but I'm sure they are adorable.

What do you do when he is adorably disobeying you?

At 4/20/2007 8:05 PM, Blogger NME said...

It can be so darn charming when they are testing those boundaries. Congrats on less stressful bedtimes!


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