Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The DVD 3-Pack

The other night Mr. Right & I were talking in bed about the baggage that comes along with marriage. I'm speaking primarily of in-laws. Mr. R likened the situation to buying a three pack of DVDs. Usually they package a really good film with a couple of crappy ones, so we had fun picking out what our 3-packs were. Mr. R is like the The Two T*owers with Captian R*on and Air B*ud. Mine is like the Empire Srike*s Back with The Cripple*d Lamb and Cras*h (the David Cron*enberg film). Anyone want to volunteer what your 3-packs would be?

There's lots of agita we get from our in-laws; the most frustrating thing is that we work with his parents. He knows how annoying and aggrivating they can be, and they just don't work the way we do. My Dad & Mom are 1 hour & 15 minues and 2.5 hours away respectively, so at least we have a little distance there. My ILs actually have used their key to our house to drop by a few times unannounced and unlocked a locked door. This is a big no-no with me, and I think they got the picture when I said "Oh! Did I leave that door open?" "No, it was locked" they replied. "Oh......" I said [enter long awkward silence here]. Our outer door locks, so we've taken to using it, as they have no concept of boundaries and aren't capable of change.

On the breastfeeding front I'm still at it (yay!), although I have quit pumping. After reaching an all time low morning pumping of .5 oz, I figured it was more efficient for Ben to nurse during the day. So instead of taking pumping breaks, I now take nursing breaks. His diapers are plenty wet, so clearly he's getting plenty of nutrition. He's a lean little boy, but not scrawny. That kid is strong! He's crawling a mile a minute and just started cruising. He's babbling up a storm and still sleeping through the night, so we're all pretty happy here. He's got one tooth on top, with another just breaking through. These are on the left side, we're still waiting for the front teeth on the right side. And of course, he did locate his package a couple of months ago; he checks for it every time we change him, just to make sure everything is still there, I suppose. That, and I'm sure it feels good.

I'll reeeeeeeeeaaaaaly try to post more frequently. It's a challenge because I have a set time to try to squeeze in a lot of work, and that doesn't leave a lot of time left over for blogging. I get a lot fewer comments than I used to, and I'm sure my laxity in posting owes to that. I'm also sure that it's difficult for some who are still in the trenches to visit someone who's gone to the other side. And let me be perfectly frank: if I were still in the trenches, baby and pregnancy posts would be the last things I'd want to read. I know there are some of you who still visit; I don't know how you do it. I'm serious, I wouldn't be able to. And I am rooting for every one of you to be able to have the family you so desire.

So...About those DVD 3-packs....your thoughts?


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